Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Same Chaos, Different Day or Finding Susan

Remember my little story of the kitty chaos at Christmastime? Well, that's not a special holiday feature. Oh no. This is an on-going game. Seems there are special "traps" in my house for little things like legos and kitty toys. One such place is beneath my stove. There is a nice little 2 inch gap from the stove to the floor which, for some time, has been the home of the items seen pictured above. Yes, that's right. Much like Sid in Toy Story, my sweet Dmitry cat is an enemy to toys. This is his story. This is his collection.
A few nights ago, Matt and Ana decided to see just what was trapped beneath the stove. Naturally, I supervised and the stove was off. Armed with a flashlight and a stick, the kids uncovered a treasure trove of goodies.

Dmitry was very interested in what the kids were doing. I like to imagine he was protecting his stash, but most likely, it was "out of sight, out of mind" and this was as exciting for his as it was for the kids.

In the end, we found 10 balls, 6 lego clone trooper helmets, a letter die, many legos, and the Fisher Price "Susan" character from the Fisher Price Sesame Street playset that I had when I was a kid....you remember Gordon's wife Susan, right? Given I didn't grow up in this house, finding Susan was the most interesting of our discoveries that night.

The biggest challenge? Keeping Dmitry away from the uncovered treasures long enough to shoot the picture!

Hope you find something you didn't know you lost!


  1. CE: You started my day with a smile. Thank you. I'm lovin' Dmitry all the more!!!

  2. I was going to guess that it was Maria from Sesame Street. Glad you cleared that up! Too funny!