Friday, February 5, 2010

My Little Professor

Last night I watched in awe as my 8 year-old, third grader helped his 13 year-old, 8th grade sister do her Advanced Algebra. I confess, I know they are both bright little bulbs, they run neck in neck with above average test scores for their respective age/grade levels, but I was more than a little proud that the little one was able to help the big one with something he had never learned.

Personally, I've reached the end of my Math Usefulness with my daughter - in 8th grade, she's already past where I got with math, and I could only suggest she take a step back from the problem and see if some clarity would come from a distance. This is when her little brother stepped in. He'd been working on his spelling words when she stepped away from the table in tears. He said to her, not in a mean way, but truly with the intention to help her, "Let me take a crack at it".

My daughter and I exchanged doubtful glances. You can guess what happened next.

"Oh, I think I get it, you have to find out who drove how long.....all you really have to do is....[insert confusing math jargon here]." Uh, yeah. Darn it if he wasn't right. He may not have known exactly how to write out the problem in proper math terms, but he knew how to solve it.....and while he proceeded to work the numbers out ....IN HIS HEAD....his sister shouted, "I get it now", jumped off the couch and tackled the problem.

Stunned, but proud Mom. Not only because they are both so bright, sure, but because of the kindness and the support he demonstrated and she accepted. The evening that had turned so tense, ended up in laughter. Good job, little brother.


  1. Way too cute! Smart little bugger!

  2. So Awesome, Cindi! I felt like I was right there witnessing the whole thing, and I could completely see it happening! Maybe Matthew can help me balance my check book (it's as bad as the national debt!) So proud! So proud!!

    (And Phil and I are just LOVING the "little professor" game. We both remember that so well! We love the photo! Thanks for making us smile!)