Thursday, February 18, 2010

Testing, thing on? or Nope, not today

I’ve extolled my 13 year-old daughter impressive fashion sense before – most recently yesterday. She’s beautiful, inside and out. Most days, she looks like she stepped out of a teen magazine – hair perfect, makeup perfect, clothes chosen to express her sophisticated yet fun style. Things you’d never imagine would go together, on her, look effortlessly styled. Not many girls could wear a purple and black tutu to school and ROCK it. (Me, I’d look like the hippo in Fantasia). Her accessories are nearly, always spot on. What I’m trying to say is, the girl’s got style.
This morning, I just didn’t get it.

Maybe I was being conservative. Maybe I was being a mother. Maybe I just didn’t understand how this was cool.
I hesitated. It might be a trend I’m just not cool enough to “get”. Do I admit that I’m not as cool as her?
As usual, she’s the last one out of the house in the morning, so I was standing by the car when I saw it. The mother in me took over. I told her to reverse herself, go back in the house, and take off the gold lame high-heeled sandals over the purple and green slipper socks. I didn’t quite understand what she was going for, but it didn’t matter. I, the mother, wasn’t letting her go to school with the gold lame high-heeled sandals over the purple and green slipper socks. Nope.

They’d have thought I was nuts.

Not going down without a fight, she asked me, “Why not, Mom?”

“Because a) those look like “stripper” shoes which were never intended to leave the house, b) you are wearing them with slipper socks, and c) you are not wearing gold lame shoes with slipper socks to school.” Seriously, couldn’t be more simple than that!

Well, luckily, she laughed with me. Totally testing my boundaries, that girl. Teenagers. Of course, she let me out of the house with the floods on yesterday.....maybe I should have let her go?

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