Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge #5....(but really I've only completed 1)

This digital page was created for a challenge. I'm still learning how to get Photoshop Elements to do what I want it to.

Looking at the 2 photos, about the only similarity I see is that I'm wearing the same necklace in both (more on my "default" necklace another time)!

I'm proud of both the girl and the woman, for without the 25 year-old me, there wouldn't be all the blessings that the 38 year-old me enjoys.


  1. You are inspiring! I'm LOVING the digital work you are doing . . . so cool. (I have no idea how to start . . . help!) and the page itself is touching and really - just great!

  2. I am so loving this digital layout!! Great job!!