Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 New Digital Art Journal Pages and some Good News I'm Sharing

Here are my Art Caravan Journal Pages for Weeks 7 (theme was Wonder) and 8 (Reinforce).

Also, I've been taking a few new classes at Big Picture Classes and I've been playing more with my paper scrapping materials lately. Here are a few tags I made as creative jumpstarts in May Flaum's Creative Retreat class:
Get it?
True, right?

And finally - my digital layout of Bloom Where You're Planted will be published in the Spring 2011 edition of Somerset Digital Studio! I can't tell you how excited I was to receive my copy in the mail. I opened it with my dear ScrapCellar Girls (my wings) and my dear Peggy took a photo of me posing with my copy. I'll be crossing that goal off my to do list now!

Thanks for letting me share! Have a fantastic week!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sharing - Art Journal Caravan Week 6

My Week 6 Art Journal Page. This week's word: Live

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Found: More Ana first day of school photos

Ok, I'm obsessed out of season. It's not back to school time, but I've found some more back to school photos of my daughter. I've been scanning and correcting photos...oy, I took lots of photos of this little girl! So, here are a few to share:

So, there is preschool, kindergarten and 2nd grade....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dmitry, the Russian Blue Retriever?

So, I've shared some of my cat, Dmitry's eccentricities here before ... his ability to fetch, his hoarding of old Fisher Price Sesame Street characters, his destruction of my Christmas decorations, and why he is crazy.  Today's story really has me concerned.

My son came down with his first cold of the year. We dug our way out of the house yesterday to get him some cold medicine yesterday. I bought the kind that loosens everything up for him. Anyway....if you have or care for kids, you know the liquid medicines come with a special measuring cup (we always used a spoon...I wonder if that means we didn't get enough or if we got too much?). This particluar brand measures in mL, rather than tsp, so the cup is special for this brand of medicine.

Ok, following me? 

So, I'm at the computer this morning, doing my makeup and reading email and I realized that I left the medicine bottle up in my bathroom, so I sent Matt to get the bottle so I could give him some of the medicine before school. He returned a few minutes later with the bottle, but without the cup. Well, he's nine, so I figured, the missing cup was just a slight - he probably didn't realize that I would need the cup. So, I asked him to go get the cup and he say, "I didn't see one". Well, we already tease him for having "little boy vision", so I realize that I have to go find it myself.

One second later, something fell from the staircase landing right above my computer and landed with a dull CLINK on the keyboard. I picked it up and .... it was the cup. THE CUP! The goofy mL measuring cup literally fell from the sky, onto my keyboard. Stunned, I look up and there is Dmitry, sitting on the landing, head between the posts on the staircase above me.

No kidding.

For real.

The crazy cat RETRIEVED the cup. 
This cat is SOMETHING!
Good kitty!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Peeking over the piles of snow to share some random stuff!

So, I'm snowed in. Actually, I can probably leave now, but I don't really feel like going anywhere.
Jack the Dog frolicking in the show

My daughter does, but she is always on the go. Her 2 "snow days" off of school aren't turning out like she'd like them to: shopping and some more shopping, and maybe even a little more shopping...and listening to her iPod and some more shopping. She's done some baking, made Snow Ice Cream, played lots of Super Mario Galaxy, but now she's had enough!

But, what neither kid understands is that I've got cabin fever myself. I'm cranky (need my Get Out of Crankville card) and I feel like doing everything and nothing all at once. I hate feeling this way. Very frustrated.

I used my time today to locate pictures that I've been asked for (like, a long time ago)....first day of school pictures that were "missing" from the set for their stepmom...Ana's first day of 6th grade and Matt's first day of Kindergarten (he was only there for a month before moving up to 1st grade, but I have the pictures from both of his first days). Once I discovered them, I realized why they hadn't be distributed as eagerly as the others...they're BAD. The kids are cute, the photography stinks...they have shadows on their faces and they are overexposed and the angle is crummy...I'm being hard on myself, right? It's the memory that counts. I played around with them in Photoscape (because, while I have Photoshop CS5, I have only a vague clue as to what I'm doing). Here are a few photos from 2007, first day of school:
  I've since learned where to stand the kids for the first day "photo shoot": 2008, 2009, 2010

 Every year I learn a little more. Every year, Ana is elegant and fashionable. Every year, Matt's a goof! I'm going to find something else to do...what are you up to?