Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 Reasons Why my Cat Dmitry is Crazy.....

I thought having a kitten would be fun, certainly a new experience, but as I get to know Dmitry, my 4 month old Russian Blue kitten, I've grown to think I might have a crazy cat on my hands. (My friend, Scott, summed it up best by saying, "He's kind of a jerk". - true).

1. There is no such thing as peaceful sleep in my house anymore. I wake up every morning around 4 am to Dmitry licking my eyelids. Now, I'm not sure what is so tasty on my eyelids, but the morning cannot start without this creepy bath.
2. Dmitry runs like he's late for a train when he sees me go into the bathroom. As I unroll the toilet paper, he never fails to grab it out of my hands. This must be the warm up to the "unroll all the toilet paper in all 3 bathrooms" game he plays while I'm at work.
3. Awww....cute kitty does figure 8's between my legs while I'm getting dressed......OUCH!! Damn it! Not cute!
4. Then, I hear Matt screaming at "Meat" as he's affectionately known. Seems attack cat is guarding the stairs and won't let Matt go down. I must escort Matt past the cat.
5. Dangerous kitty game: try to eat the dog's food while the dog is eating. Jack the dog is tall and has a raised food bowl. Meat perches himself on Jack's bowl and tries to eat the dogs food. Good, patient Jack has not killed Dmitry yet.

So, for now, those are my 5 reasons.....I'm sure I'll come up with more, but I have to go see what just crashed in the other room.....

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  1. I am so sorry that I introduced you to him. He was cute, though, in the beginning. Time to be declawed and fixed, and a little duct tape wouldn't hurt