Monday, August 24, 2009

New Beginnings!

First day of school. The kids have been excited about this day for about a week and a half--me, all summer. My baby, Matt's in 3rd grade....not sure when that happened....and Ana is in 8th.

Usual morning -- Ana's up and ready, Matt's still in bed. Bellies fed, teeth brushed, shoes on...trudge out to the tree in the front yard for first day pics.....seems they've done this before. Pose for Mom. Let's go.

Ana's got a new bus stop. Hmmm. Watch Ana wait with other kids. I think, if I had made her wear a dress on her first day of school, there would have been a huge fight. Watch (from many car lengths away so as not to look like I'm watching) Ana get on the bus. Watch Ana get off the bus. Huh. Seems the bus driver wasn't supposed to pick them up on that corner. Have to ask her about that.

Still have an hour until Matt's supposed to be at his school. Drive to McDonald's - get standard breakfast (yogurt parfait and coffee). Sit at Matt's school. Watch other kids line up. Matt accuses me of getting him a purple backpack. Tell him it's blue. Nod when he realizes it's blue.

Discover my kid is the kid who tells the other kids they are lucky they didn't get "insert teacher name here". He finds kids he knows. Chuckle to myself that people still call him "Mattman". I stand with other parents who have to go into work late today. Third grade teachers come out and shake hands with each kid. After meeting his teacher, Matt turns to me and smiles, "That's my teacher. I think she's going to be a good one!" Relieved and excited, Matt heads back to his friends. I've been dispatched. I can go. I hope he's right.

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