Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Queen of the Universe

Rather normal day - missed Ana's bus again...need to call them...they cannot continue to be 7 minutes early without getting a piece of my mind.

Stepmom bought Ana's ridiculously expensive calculator....last of the school supplies to be checked off the list.

Matt really knows how to melt my heart. Tonight, he told me he likes to be with me because he feels different when I'm around. Says it's because I'm a mom and I'm special to him. The other day he was singing a made up song with the lyric "Mom is in my heart". I thought being the mom of a daughter was the best...clothes, shopping, makeup, late night chats....but being Matt's mom makes me feel like Queen of the Universe.

Although, how cynical am I that I'm ready for him to ask me to buy him a new DS game?


  1. I am very proud to be the mother of two girls but THAT is EXACTLY why I get very sad when I see little boys and their mothers. There's NOTHING in the world like it. Enjoy being the Queen of the Universe. You always will be in his eyes, no matter how big he gets!

  2. SOOOOO sweet! That story just warms the heart. Cherish every moment with him. He is precious, Cindi.