Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Best Day Ever! but I should have listened to my sister.

Yesterday, showed a lot of promise to be a pretty good day. I was back from my business trip, the kids didn't have any activities to be carted to, and it was warm for the first time, it seemed, in the whole summer.

My nephew and niece, Nick and Sam, were fishing in a "derby" by my parents, and we were going to watch. Ana's dad called in the morning saying he needed to borrow her - she was getting sushi, her favorite date with her dad. Matt and I had our stimulating Anakin flowers conversation.

To my surprise, Matt decided to fish too. As soon as his line was in, there was a fish on the end. Was he excited! There was a wonderful breeze by the water...barely felt warm at all. I haven't been outside all summer, didn't think about the sun too much...I spent more thoughts on taking pictures of the kids and fish, watching the clouds, and feeling the earth under my back as I lay on the ground.

After fishing, Ana rejoined us and we went in the pool. I hadn't been in the pool all summer - even Matt commented that he thought I didn't go swimming enough. I love the weightless effect the water has on my body. I played with the kids and had the best time! I swear, I put on my sunscreen. Later, we had a great dinner with my parents, and watched Mama Mia! twice.

In retrospect, I hear my sister saying as we were putting on the sunscreen, that she didn't "trust" it. Hmmm. Should have listened to her. Today, I look like a scary red clown. I have creepy tan lines around my eyes where my sunglasses were. My skin is tight and I've slathered on so much aloe I'm kind of sticky. However, I still think it was the perfect summer day, for me.

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