Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bus 2, Mom 1 and How I Spent My Allowance....

We caught Ana's bus this morning....! Yay!

Kids are hanging out with their lovely Stepmom this evening so I went to my happy place - the used bookstore - The Frugal Muse. I've become allergic to paying full price for, my sister would KILL me!

My new books:
Generation T- 108 ways to transform a T-shirt ($5.98) - for Ana, my little fashionista!
Unforgettable Color ($.93) - for Ana
The Not So Big Life ($.93) - for me, I've wanted to read this one, but not for $24.
Nantucket Nights, Elin Hilderbrand ($4.98) - for me, because I wanted to read her other book, The Castaways and that was full price.
Teen Makeup ($.93) - for Ana
Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris ($5.98 brand new...$2 cheaper than regular price) - for me, because my mom is reading her other series and even though I don't watch True Blood, I hear it's a good series.
Home, Julie Andrews autobio ($6.98 - hardcover) I jumped up and down inside because I found this one....wanted to read it since it came out!

So, now that my sister is going to kill me, I will pledge to read my books before I buy another one. Really, Jeanne, I will. After I finish Garden Spells!


  1. Excellent! So glad Ana made the bus! And so excited for all of your purchases tonight. I did not know of The Frugal Muse, but will surely visit it. That is, once I finish the 6 books stacked on my nightstand. (Oh, and the 10 others on my bookstand. Oh, and perhaps after I borrow "Home" from you . . . yes, I would have been jumping for that one, too!) Excellent shopping night, I do say so! And super fun post!

  2. Way to go sister. Even though you did buy the used variety of your addiction, I am going to have to pull 6 books from your current collection to sell at the garage sale which I am starting to plan. You will, however , get the proceeds from this sale, but I, of course, will take my cut, :)