Saturday, September 12, 2009

In a few moments on a Saturday morning

In a few moments on a Saturday morning,....
  • the rest of the house will wake up and there will be places to go, mouths to feed, and a dog to take out.
  • I'll need to choose one of the many projects I have started and commit some time to completing it.
  • some small corner of my house will become clean again, laundry started, dishes washed, and toilets scrubbed.
  • I will realize that the grass needs to be cut before the neighbors start complaining.
  • the cats will crash into the wall because their play has become more spirited.
  • the TV will go on, and Spongebob will be drowning out the quiet hum of the air conditioner in its last day of use (hopefully) for the summer.
  • my coffee will be ready.
  • I will realize that all I wanted to accomplish in this day can never be done.
  • I will sigh, and begin to do the best I can with this day I've been given.
But for now, I'll savor these last few moments of quiet, when all I need to do is be thankful for this day and these moments, since every moment is my life lived.


  1. Absolutely love the post this morning. . . I felt like I was there, enjoying the quiet with you . . . and planning the day. . . and all that comes with it. Thanks for sharing your moment with us. [sigh.]

  2. That's what I need to do, make a list, not necessarily keep it, but atleast get it out of my head!

  3. Every moment of your life is lived....I LOVE that phrase. I may "borrow" it sometime!!