Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Sun Burns or How I Spent My Sunday in a Football Stadium for 7 hours

As I sit here, once again sunburned, I'm prompted to share a few things I've learned this weekend.

The correlation of sitting in the sun without sunblock on and getting a sunburn, continues to elude me. I consider myself to be an educated woman, however, this fact proves that degrees don't mean a person is smart. I enjoyed being at the football stadium to support my niece and nephew for 7 glorious hours, on a very beautiful sunny day, though I may look like leather in my later years (just saying).

Corelle dishes can break when you are trying to convince me you have had enough to eat (Matthew, I'm talking to you here, son. Don't hold up the plate to show me, k?)

Another thing I learned is that I am too old to sit on the lawn at a concert and fully enjoy myself. Once upon a time, not that long ago, I would have enjoyed the open air and comaraderie of my fellow music fans. Of course, I would also have been drunk and nothing other than the music and my friends would have mattered to me. I would have trudged up the hill without losing my breath and rolling my eyes at the young'uns running up and down. I wouldn't have given much thought to the teenagers around me and their pot smoking. Makes me not want to allow my children to go to concerts. Ever. Unless Donny Osmond goes on tour.

Here's another, deeper thought. When someone belongs in your life, they will be there. When you just can't bear it without them any more, and whether it's just a memory that pops into your head at the right time, or the right "one" appears when you least expected it or a person who maybe wasn't in the same "place" in their life that you were shows back up and makes you feel like yourself again, life has a funny way of working things out. Not always, sometimes, you wonder what you ever had in common with some people you called your friends. But if that person was truly meant to be in your life, they will continue to touch some part of it, forever. (This is happening to me a lot lately, and that's a very good thing.)

Every day is worth waking up for.

Chocolate is the ultimate bonding experience. And scrapbooking. For me. Maybe not you, but for me they are.

I can't eat pizza anymore.

And finally, there's always a catch, isn't there, TCF Bank. Can't wait for my $18 mandatory checks for my Totally FREE checking account.



  1. Sorry 'bout the sunburn. And I totally hear you 'bout the lawn (couldn't imagine going through it myself). And really great "deep thought". I'm having that happen to me a lot lately, too. It's a good thing for me, too. * * hug * *

  2. Oh, CE...sorry about the sunburn!! Let's hope the kids remember you were there! ( maybe they won't). Chocolate and scrapbooking with extremely talented ladies...doesn't get any better than that! Have a great week!