Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deck the Halls with Kitty Chaos!

Wow, time flies. Every time I think of writing here, I find another thing to do, or my computer is so slow, it’s time for bed before I get a chance to write.
The good news is, the computer situation has been worked out…a newer, faster model is being set up for me soon---I’m really excited! My computer has served us well for the past 7 years and is going to spend her retirement playing games and doing homework with my kids. No more trudging through the Internet for the old gal. Enjoy your retirement HP Media Center! I’m not going to be able to use the slow computer excuse for much longer.
Since we last chatted, there has been an update on the ornament situation. You’ll recall I used some glue to repair a few beloved ornaments a few weeks back. Well, 2 Fridays ago, when I came home from work, I found the cats had Decked the Halls with Kitty Chaos! This came on the heels of the cats knocking over the Advent calendar and helping my dog, Jack, to enjoy day 23, the same week. Here’s our Advent calendar:

When Friday came along, things got a little feistier, it seems. Since I wasn’t there to see it, I imagine it went something like this.

1. Mom leaves the house.
2. Jack gets off the chair and sniffs Dmitry.

3. Dmitry gets feisty and smacks Jack in the head.
4. There is some running up and down the stairs.
5. Jack and Dmitry crash land on Melanie, who has been watching, bored, from the table.


6. Melanie freaks out and runs into the living room, where the Christmas tree stands, as yet, undisturbed.
7. Dmitry does some maneuvers ala the Matrix and crashes into my jester Santa. One casualty.

8. Dmitry, knowing all his good deeds up to this point will be forgotten because of the beheaded Santa, runs into the tree, dislodging several ornaments, including James Dean, who ends up, face down in the carpet.
9. There is some kitty “I’m telling” meowing.
10. Everyone goes back to sleep.

Or, this is what could have happened:

1. Dmitry is bored. He is enticed by the pretty, glittery ornaments and plays a game to see how many he can knock off before I get home.

Naughty Kitty

Like I said, I can’t be too sure what happened. You be the judge, I’ll go get the glue.


  1. YEA!!! Thanks for the update post! I LOVE the whole concept of what happens when Mom leaves the house. So funny! Hope the cats and pup survived the holidays without any further adventures. And hope you had a great holiday, too!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. You made me giggle ( quietly as I am at work)

  3. You made me giggle ( quietly as I am at work)