Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's the Word?, Part 1

Poised on the edge of a new year, a new decade, I’ve been challenged to come up with a word, something of my own personal theme for 2010. This is a tradition of my friends Leanne, Peggy and Laura that I’ve been invited to participate in this year. Leanne and Peggy will be unveiling their words tomorrow as well.

From my understanding, it’s to be my guiding force for the new year. Much better than a resolution, it’s not likely to be broken once the thrill of the promise of the new year is gone. I envision it as the wrapping paper on my life in the upcoming year. Not to be taken lightly, I tried on a few words before I settled on my final choice.
I initially thought SIMPLIFY would be right for me. Over the years, my home has taken on the weight of many interests, hobbies and projects. It’s really time to let some of them go, like my teaching materials and my collection of jars I was planning to decorate some day. That word would help me get to what was important, what was worth my time and energy. Releasing these projects will give me renewed energy to spend on things that matter to me now.

I also thought, RENEW or REBUILD, would be a good one for me. In 2009, thanks to social networking, I renewed old friendships and began to remember who I was, once upon a time. I remembered the dreams I’d had, the goals I’d set, the person I thought I’d be and I really wanted to rebuild some of those dreams. I really am the same person at heart; you just have to dig through some of the debris of my broken dreams to get to her. Thus, REBUILD would have been a good choice.

I finally zeroed in on the right word for me. The one word that immediately made sense after it popped in my head. The one that takes all of these runners up words and ties a bow on the wrapping paper, to continue that analogy.
So, since this post is already getting too long, I've decided to keep you in suspense just one more day.
Tomorrow, I'll unveil my word......see you then.


  1. Can't wait....can't wait!!!! You tease!!!!!

  2. I will have to come back then! I read Leanne's Blog daily and just love her.

    I've already picked my word...


    I'm gonna make a Dream Board for the New year with that word in the center. I am so loving that!!

    I think I'll put a link to your blog on mine. Stop by and say HI!!


  3. What a super cool idea! I might have to jump on this band wagon...

  4. What a super cool idea!!! I might have to jump on this band wagon with my group of friends.. I like it..

  5. Okay, so I posted my teaser, changing the title a half dozen times...I just now realized that I named mine the same as yours...apparently, my subconscious latched onto it as a good title!!! I'm so sorry!! Maybe I'll go back and change it!!

  6. OK CE - it is tomorrow, and we are anxiously waiting to hear your WORD. So what is it???