Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's the Word? Part 2: The Unveiling

Today's the day! I'm so excited! I get to unveil my word and set my intention for the new year!

So....are you ready? I know I am. 2010, for me, will be all about.....FOCUS.

FOCUS will mean a great deal to me this year. My adult, as a mom, years have been a little bit of a blur – through sleepless nights in the beginning, to the multitude of jobs a Mom is expected to fill, it was easy and important to lose focus on myself. While the kiddos will remain central to my life, they are both old enough (13 and 8) to do lots more things on their own (with guidance and supervision, of course), which means I can focus the lens of my life a bit to sharpen myself in the picture. I will focus on what made me who I am, what my interests are and what is important to my well-being.

I’ll be FOCUSing on my relationship with my guy, Bob. Sadly, this is the one thing that is the first to be set aside when I get too busy, and surprisingly, the one thing I can count on to be what sets me straight on my priorities. He’s a gem, a rare find – kind, loving to me and the kids, always there for me, and yet manly and cool. Yeah, he’s going to get more of the focus this year.

FOCUS will help me stop wasting precious time on stuff that doesn’t help me to be who I want to be. FOCUS will keep me on track to getting my healthy body back.
FOCUS will help me SIMPLIFY, RENEW, and REBUILD, among other things.

I uncovered a few FOCUSed quotes to use this year. This first one gets at what I'm aiming for:
Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.
--Denis Waitley

So, that’s why I chose FOCUS.


  1. FANTASTIC!!!! Just . . . perfect. Here's to FOCUS! (I'm proud of you!)

  2. Focus is the BEST word!! Look forward to watching your journey. We all have such great words for the new decade! Leslie

  3. Great word!!! Oh, that's what I forgot to do on my post...I wanted to put a quote...guess that'll be for another day. I have 365 of them to find the perfect quote, right????

  4. Yup - FOCUS is the absolute best word!!!!!!!!! Congrats on selecting this word - it will provide you with much guidance throughtout the year!

  5. Great words written with much thought, plus "focus" will be a wonderful starting point as you begin a an exciting, wonderful new years.