Monday, November 30, 2009

Episode 11/29: In Which my Kitchen Table Becomes an Ornament Infirmary

We put the Christmas decorations up yesterday. Well, I put everything out except the ornaments, which I left for the kiddos. This is the part they like best, going through the box of ornaments, finding the ones with their names and dates, the tissue paper wreaths they've made for me, we even have a requisite macaroni ornament that Matt made. You know the drill. This year, though, we had a little emergency. The ornament box took a tumble in the garage sometime around June and although most ornaments were guarded by the heavy plastic box, some "shifting" must have occured. Well, a little more than "shifting", there were a few decapitations (Simba and the sweet bunny Mom from Ana's Baby's First Christmas ornament), a broken Starbucks ornament (gasp!), Tramp is missing an ear, and Snow White had been knocked off her swing. Lucy left the Peanuts gang and spent some time traveling the ornament box, until I performed "Ornament Surgery".

We set up a triage unit on the table, covered with the Michael's sales paper (seemed fitting), I pulled out my trusty Aleene's Clear Glue Gel and got to work restoring the little plastic and porcelain memories.

Being the expert that I am at repairing things (I am a single mom, you know - I'm the only repair elf in the house), I made quick work of it.

Success!!! Simba reigns proudly, Lucy skates with the rest of the Peanuts gang (photo not shown), Tramp can hear, and Snow White innocently swings once again (we have to put her far from the carmel apple ornaments on the tree...she likes apples, you know). As for the Starbucks cup, well, I wouldn't trust it to hold any liquid because a few little pieces weren't recovered, but at least it holds its shape again.

I'm the Mom, I have glue and I know how to use it!!!


  1. SOOOO funny - you crack me up! Thanks for making me laugh!!! I honestly gasped at the site of the broken Starbucks cup! How upsetting for you all!!!
    ; )
    Mom saves the day!!!!! You are the greatest!!!!

  2. YOU GO, GIRL!!! Amazing isn't it, how all those precious ornaments carry so many memories? That's always why it's so easy to get it decorated, and so difficult to get it down in January!!

  3. CE - I LOVE this blog and the fact that you don't let a few injured ornaments scare you or your tube of glue. Way to go!!!!!

  4. That was great, I would have just thrown them out, lol. So creative you are, and I bet it was theraputic.