Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Christmas Wish List.....a first draft

Yes, it's the middle of November, but I'm following the trend of "Early Christmas" that all the stores seem to follow. Think of it as a way to be ahead of the game and to take advantage of all the fabulous sales, though, I don't think that will really be an issue with this list. I've been accused of a Scrooge already this year, so is

My Christmas Wish List
1. I would like a red, fuzzy, V-neck sweater that fits well and makes me look 2 sizes smaller.
2. Peace on Earth
3. I would like the gal who serves me my coffee to take the metal out of her face before she goes to work. It grosses me out.
4. I would like "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" to be universally banned this year. Better yet, a time machine so I can distract and prevent the punk who wrote the song from penning this Christmas "Classic". Think about it.
5. I would like my kids to truly love the gifts I pick for them and to understand that "Santa" is not going for volume, but rather substance this year.
6. I would like to come home from work one day and find that someone has reorganized and refurnished my house. That would be really cool.
7. I'd like a date with my sweet guy, Bob. All by ourselves. Without either of us being or getting sick. Yeah, I'd like that.
8. I'd like a friend who can sew.
9. I'd like everyone to remember why we celebrate Christmas.
10. A nap.

So, that's it for now. My Christmas list so far. Bah. Humbug.


  1. I'm laughing outloud!!!! If you find #1 - please buy 2. I hereby offer to do #6, and I'm there with you on #9!

    Thanks for the great post (it's been too long!) and for making me smile!

  2. Hmm...Bah Humbug sounds familiar! Did that get uttered this past weekend???? I thought we were chalking it up to the remnants of a cold.
    So, I'm with you on #3! Oh, AND #4. But I've already given up on #1 (yeah, I know..bah humbug).
    Mostly, #2 would be the bestest.
    Keep the blog posts coming!! Certainly brightens my day!!

  3. Hey, sister Leanne offered number #6! And I guess I should take back the animated Santa on the Harley signing Grandma Got Ran Over back to Walgreens for a refund, dang it, I thought I had the perfect gift this year!!!