Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Morning, and Thank You

Just a few quick thank you's this morning.....

Thank you, Comcast, for not shutting off my email when I dropped you for DirectTV.
Thank you to my nephew Nick, who served me breakfast in bed this morning as a thank you for letting him spend the night last night and play video games.
Thank you, Peggy, for nudging me to update my blog yesterday.
Thanks to my guy, Bob, for everything. Truly blessed.
Thanks to my dad for the cute, but off-color joke - I love when something makes my dad, a quiet soul, laugh.
I'm sure the dog rescue folks would also thank my sister, the unofficial Dog Whisperer of Joliet, for fostering Jetta (the dogs who appear in this post are 3 of 4 of sis's dogs: Maxie, Libbi, and Rocky). I have my books and she has her dogs.....
Thanks to my followers who commented with their support of my Crusade of Thanks.

And once again, thanks for listening.

1 comment:

  1. OH, they won't be thanking me after they see what she did to the leash they gave us........ oops