Friday, April 23, 2010

What a busy weekend! I spent Saturday with the ScrapCellar girls getting some much needed inspiration and girl time. Those girls really inspire me - I feel like my kids do when they are having a good time....I'm also inclined to whine "Do I have to go home?" when it's over! I made a very special book for my daughter - can't post it, since it's a surprise for her 8th grade graduation.

I spent Sunday afternoon with my mom and dad and my kids beautifying my yard - didn't have my camera handy - I think my mom would have yelled at me if I had stopped working to get it! Every thing looks super good again and I don't cringe to go outside anymore.

This weekend also was LOADED with wonderful things on the digital scrapbook front....I was selected to be on 3 creative teams (CTs)! For my non-scrapbook readers, here's what happened. I was inspired by the work of these three designers and applied to work with them, creating layouts of their designs to promote and support their work. I'm absolutely thrilled! I posted some layouts (LOs) of Coffee Time previously. Here's a few others from Pixie Perfect Designs and Simply Scraps.

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