Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whatcha Watchin'?

I had to show you this!!! Love GLEE (except last night's episode left me cold - wasn't their best....discuss), LOVE this kit from simply.scraps and Madame Wing!

Whatcha Watchin'? at Elemental Scraps


  1. Agree re: Glee's episode on Wednesday. Even mentioned to PG before it was over that I felt I was wasting my time. Funny, too much of Rachel gets to me (especially when she "screams" parts of the song) but not having her involved doesn't work either.

    Love the layout. The kit looks like it's packed with stuff.

    And I love what you're doing with the slide show of your digi layouts. Ain't you da bomb?!?!

  2. NO NO NO no no no no no!!!! NO!!! (Did you get all that?!?!)

    First - just have to say that I LOVE the page you did! SO cool! and the kit is something that I WANT - even though I don't do digital ... do they have it in paper? ;) Really! Love the popcorn, the soda, the whole thing!!!

    Second - I LOVED GLEE THIS WEEK!!! I am SO DISAPPOINTED that you and PK didn't think it was very good. I have to say, I thought it was FANTASTIC! While I absolutely ADORE Rachel, I was so glad to see them focusing on some of the other characters. I mean - MERCEDES is so wonderful and I thought they had such a sweet lesson in there and I was so touched by her talk with Quinn - I thought it was so wonderul! And SUE - I absolutely LOVE when they have those little moments of humanity in her ... no worries, though, for that Sue Sylvestor we know and love isn't far at all. I just thought this was actually one of the BEST episodes this spring season. Oh, and what's not to LOVE about Mr. S and Kristin C - aDORable!

    We'll discuss further on Saturday! I'm determined to change your and PK's mind about this one! (But still LOVE the page you did SO MUCH!!)