Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jen C Designs - New Releases

Hi to my digi friends (and of course, my non-digi friends!) -

Jen C Designs has two cute baby kits for sale this Monday at Digi Scrapbook Mania-
Most of my kids' baby pictures were from BD - Before Digital, and I never really scrapbooked their baby pictures, but these kits were too cute to resist. As a member of Jen C's creative team, I got a chance to play with these kits, and I'm pleased with how they came out:

"Precious Princess" Ana
"Sweet Boy" Matt

Yummy kids!!!!

I'll be blogging again soon with details and pictures of Matthew the Playwright (with a special shout out to the West Coast Erickson/Clark/Davis Family)....stay tuned!!!


  1. Once again - you've done an amazing job!!! :)

  2. So cute!! I'm looking forward to seeing them on Jen's site.