Monday, April 26, 2010

The Colorful Days

When the kids were young (that sounds funny, since they are still young) November of 2004 (Matt was 3 and Ana was 8), we had a series of "color" days, where we ate food of one specific color. Now, yes, I know that you shouldn't eat only one color nutritional bashing, ok. I just wanted to do something fun with the kiddos - and at that time, I was still hoping to be an elementary school teacher, so I had a "teacherly" thing still going on. After the success of the first day - the Green Day - I invited my niece and nephew to join us on these days. I look back on these and get a kick at how the all just let me do what I wanted and they cheerfully went along with it. Most times, they still go along with my program, and I'm dreading the day they say, "Mom/Auntie Cindi/Didi, that's just weird!" Oh, and naturally, I scrapped the events, too (pages to follow in a later post since you're already going to mad at how many pictures are here!).

Here's Green Day...starring Shrek, broccoli with dinner, and mint ice cream in a green cone.
And Yellow Day...scrambled eggs, mac-n-cheese, and egg nog.

And Red Day...starring Elmo and Clifford and spaghetti, red jello, apples, and red cream soda.

And Black and White Day....starring Mickey Mouse cows!!!!

No....Ana didn't drink the Diet Coke!
Thanks for the memories, kiddos, and thank you for visiting.....I'll post the scrapbook pages in another post!

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  1. Ok - now this is a FANTASTIC idea and one that I HAVE GOT to borrow!!! (Do you mind?!?) The photos are so wonderful and I can't wait to see your pages of them! Thanks for sharing these memories with us! I love it!