Saturday, July 3, 2010

Notes on a Saturday Morning

Some happy, some sad.....

Today is my sister's birthday. She wants to spend it at the beach. I haven't been to a beach since I was pregnant with my now 8 1/2 year old son. Of course, the first thing that ran through my mind was, "Yay, beach photos!" and the second was "Oh no, swimming suit!". I then told myself to shut up and enjoy it....I mean, it's the beach!

I'm transforming my unused living room into a place we can create in - I've moved the computer out of my bedroom, and restored my bedroom as MY room. I've also set up a table where the three of us can work on art projects. Matt's taken to it quite quickly, as he's been tracing Pokemon out of his books. I woke up to find this:

How Sweet!

And had a peaceful morning that looked like this:

Just 2 more days until my birthday....

The kids have been discovering the joys of bubble wrap....not the little ones, the BIG ones and they sound like firecrackers. Hmmmm....I like firecrackers!

On a sad note: A childhood friend's husband passed away suddenly yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with her, their 1-year old son and their families. I'm still too shook up to observe my dessert tribute that I wrote about here, but if there ever was a time to stop and think about how important it is to enjoy the little things, it's when a young life is cut short.

I wish you a happy, peaceful Saturday! Enjoy all your blessings today, and every day, ok?


  1. You are so right about living life to its fullest!! It's just a shame it takes reminders like your friend's husband passing to poke us!! Thanks for sharing that with us. I guess we all need to hear little reminders at times.
    Love what you're doing with your creative space! I've got to narrow down what I need to do for Peggy today, whether its expanding creative space, or reclaiming my bedroom as a place of peace!!
    Have a peaceful 4th!

  2. Hi, dear ... so sorry about your news of a friends husband passing. I'll keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
    I, too, LOVE what you are doing with your space! So great to have a place to create and feel free in.
    Hope you are doing well! Thinking of you!