Tuesday, July 20, 2010

100th post! Really? Me? I made it this far?

Whoa! I've stuck with this little blog for 100 posts - that's a feat for me since I've never kept a journal or diary more than the first...."Dear Diary, I bought a new journal and I PROMISE to write in it every day this time"....um, yeah. I have countless journals that start and end that way, so that's why I'm a little proud to have made it this far.

Thanks for sharing this little experiment with me. Thanks for your encouragement, your support, your comments. 

A few more things I cherish...
A special thanks to my dear friend, Leanne for getting me back on the right/write track!


  1. Cindi...I have enjoyed watching you grow as a blogger!! I think you are so very talented. With your digi scrapping, your stories and CONGRATS on 100 posts:)

    I LOVE your new button and am off to put one on my blog. It is so happy!!! I think it so retro and fun:)

    Love your collage, too:)

  2. CINDI!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!! Happy 100th!!! (May we both live long enough to celebrate the BIG 1-0-0 together! maybe we'll be sitting next to each other in a lovely little seniors center, watching glee re-runs and singing songs. How lovely!) Ok, enough of that. I am SO PROUD of you and HAPPY that you have made it to the 100th post! I, too, have enjoyed the journey - and look forward to MANY MANY MORE!!! AND, YOUR OWN BUTTON!!!! You KNOW I've added it!!! Remember - nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm!!!