Monday, July 26, 2010

Some recent purchases to share....and words of wisdom

Quotable Cards
Quotable Cards....from Rules for the Unruly: Living and Unconventional Life by Marion Winik   

Sidenote: In the fall, I'll be teaching folks to use semicolons. I'll be teaching a Developmental Writing class at our local community college. I've caught the teaching bug again....go figure.  

A little blurry...from Quotable Cards, too... a Quotable notepad....for, you know, writing down more ...quotes!

Bonus:  On the back of one of the cards, it says: Happiness may not be a destination, but you can visit Carefree, Arizona; Happy, Texas; Nirvana, Michigan; and Happyland, Oklahoma.

Roadtrip Anyone?


  1. These are awesome quotes. And congrats on being a teacher. Pretty cool:)

  2. No way!!! Cool - can you teach ME to use semicolons? (I've never been very good at that! And, I use "..." WAY TOO MUCH!!! Oh, and "!!!!", too!)