Sunday, October 3, 2010

When you are a 9 year old boy, you'll understand....

1. That bouncing for an hour and a half is fun.

2. That shooting your friends with neon orange and green foam "bullets" is fun. (Even though your mama HATES the idea of you playing with guns, she's conceded to letting you as long as they are neon orange, yellow and green...I think NERF must have been listening).
3. That chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and fudge filling is a food group.
4. That running for hours makes for a great birthday party (not the mama's idea of a great birthday...give me spa, give me coffee shop, give me casino, even....but running? Not this mama).
5. That when you introduce your friend and say, "I've known him since 3rd grade"'s not as impressive when you are only in 4th grade, but you'll quickly get over that.
6. That your birthday can't come FAST ENOUGH!!!
7. That Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos is also a food group.
8. That's is cool to have an older boy cousin who knows how to play Halo Reach. (Even if he wins the tournament and gets the Cheeto Trophy!)
9. That 20 candles on your cake makes for an impressive display!


  1. Ah, to be 9! Love the photos - happy birthday party to Matt!!!!

  2. WAHOOO!!! I LOVE THIS POST! It cracked me UP!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET MATT! Only 20 more years till you'll be my son-in-law, and that makes me HAPPY!!! Glad you survived the party, Mama! LOVE IT!

  3. As the mom of two boys I LOVED this post! I kept nodding my head!

  4. hi thee...i have a 9 year old boy...well i have 4 boys al up...this post is so your trophy btw...what a fun activity to do the next party we have....woud ove you to come and read my post about my litte guy to see if you may be able to help