Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What sets your creativity on fire?

Here's what sets mine a blaze:

Now, how about you?
 I'd love to know!


  1. I love the page design! Spending time with creative people motivates me and my creativity - be it strangers (like walking through Archiver's) or with friends/family (at the Scrapbook Cellar).

  2. Oh, Cindi...lovely page. Good thing I know it's digi or I'd have to tell you I want to see your stash!!!
    What sets mine on fire? Visiting creative blogs like yours!

  3. Your digital work totally inspires my creativity.

    I love this one! (And I love what you've done w/the blog! SO COOL!!!)

  4. I agree with Leanne...your digital pages inspire me, too!!! And Happy Birthday to your little nine year old!!

    Other things that inspire me are...creative books, cleaning our my scrappy space, magazines on collage and mixed media, walking in the crisp air with the sun in the morning, Scripture Study, awesome blogs!!!