Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where to Learn Digital Scrapbooking or "I did it my way"

Despite my misgivings, I made an honest attempt to learn digital scrapbooking in January, after finding this year-long free class being offered by Erica Hernandez at Two Peas in a Bucket: Digi 101. I watched the first tutorial video and played along with making the layout.

There were three things I discovered in this first class that got me hooked:
1) designers of digital scrapbooking papers and elements (this is what embellishments are called in the digi world) are wonderfully generous individuals who often give freebies of their design kits for people to try before they purchase a full kit - a search for digital scrapbook freebies in Google will find you lots of freebies from digital stores and these wonderfully generous designers,
2) if I didn't like the way something looked on my page, I could move it, resize it, duplicate it, recolor it, not to mention I could REUSE it!,
and 3) cleanup for this hobby is a breeze! (Though it does take some space on the computer).

I won’t be sharing the how to put a page together here; those tutorials have been done by many others who are way better at that than I am.

Here are just a few other places to get started with the nuts and bolts:

The Daily Digi and lots of tutorials to get you started there – on the right side of the page, you’ll see tons of links on how to get started, how to learn the programs you’re using, how to do certain techniques. Bookmark it!

Ali Edwards did a series of tutorials on digi, too.

Cathy Zielske walks you through creating a 12x12 page here.

And don’t forget Erica Hernandez’s class I mentioned earlier, Digi 101. There are other tutorials on the Two Peas in a Bucket Site, as well.

Other gurus: Jessica Sprague, Renee Pearson (though I think these cost $)

If you know of any others you’ve come across, please share here.

***Note: I’m not compensated in any way from these designers or sites. I’ve been asked often, how I learned and these are the places where I started learning.

 Next Up: How to Share Your Work and Real Life Scrapbooking, Digi-Style

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  1. I just got back from vacation and it looks like I need to come back here and learn about the digi scrapping!! THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge. I have this wrote down in my notebook so I won't forget and I can come back!!!