Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy, Happy

I had the layout of the week over at Log Your Memory this week....the challenge was to do a page having to do with what you like best about summer and I chose my birthday!

Here's the journaling:
My birthday is July 5 and I still, love, love, LOVE my birthday. I don’t worry about getting older, I just look forward to celebrating another year with my family. My favorite summer memories are tied to my birthday, too: fireworks the day before, then I always take the day off of work for my birthday and spend it with my kids and people I love, and some of the best birthdays I’ve had were spent relaxing in the swimming pool. The 2 photos on the bottom are the swimming pool birthday cakes my sister made for me (by the way, her birthday is 2 days before mine!)
Those awesome cakes were created by my sister's a close up:

An effective use of my daughter's outgrown Polly Pocket toys, don't you think? Look for the recipe for this cake? We found it here.
Jeanne has selected the design for this year's's a Watermelon! Can't wait!
I also did a page on my recent trip to Naperville that I wrote about here.

In Other News:
Ana graduated from 8th grade this week...holy cow!....I'll be sharing photos for the West Coast Erickson/Clark/Davis clans once I get them uploaded!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh wow are those cakes amazing!! So very creative and I bet they tasted good, too. What kind were they???

    My husband worked near Naperville for several years. I have been there a few times myself.

    As usual I LOVE your digital creations!