Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have you ever??? Outdoor Style

I'm not an outdoorsy person. Nope, never been.
I like my air conditioning and I'm not afraid to admit it.
But, sometimes, when the sun is bright enough, and the air is just breezy enough and the right mood strikes, I can be lured outside to enjoy my breakfast. And yeah, that is Diet Coke. For breakfast. I didn't feel like making coffee.

Even the dog gets it!


  1. oh, what a lovely breakfast! So glad you stepped outside for it - but, in all honesty, I'd prefer the ol'fashion AC to muggy humid weather ANY day (I really think I was a princess in another life. For sure!)

  2. Oh! Diet Coke for breakfast! You are my kind of girl!

  3. Nothin' better than sitting out in the a.m., enjoying the backyard! Especially when no one else is around except the birds singing to each other. On a non-humid day, it's the best!!!