Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cut It Out! or why I'm a rebel

photo by ThisParticularGreg
So, yesterday, I did the unthinkable, for me, I took scissors to my own clothes! GASP!

See, I'm a play by the rules gal: I use my turn signal, I say please and thank you, I observe the posted speed limit (well, most of the time). But yesterday, I just could not take it anymore. I went into by bathroom, cut two tiny holes in the sides of my bra, and RIPPED THE FREAKIN' UNDERWIRE OUT!. Oh, how freeing that was! If you are a gal, like me, who needs LOTS of support....then you know what I'm talking about....

The underwire is a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material such as metal or plastic fitted inside the cloth along the bottom and sides of the bra cup, from Wikipedia
Like METAL!!! Sounds like torture already, right? That got me wondering, who invented this brand of torture? One would think a man (we always joke that a man must have invented these things that we as women have to endure, right?) but no, the patent, from 1893 was given to Marie Tucek (Wikipedia). Marie, honey, I'm sorry, but I can no longer "support" your invention. (Note: When I tried to find a good picture of an underwire on Bing images, I found lots of ladies in their bras, as expected, but also Johnny Depp, Zach Galafanakis, several cars, food dye and a Cat in the Hat onesie. Go figure.)

Anyway, not intending to be a history lesson here.. You can check that out if you are interested. All I know is, I'm wire free, feeling MUCH better, and a little like a rebel, too.

I can't totally shame the underwire though, I'm sure some ladies swear by it, and I've found a couple underwire "bright spots", too.

For example, I like is Quinn Cummings blog, The QC Report, which was made into a book, Notes from the Underwire (one I do not have yet, by the way). Quinn played the precocious little girl in the movie, The Goodbye Girl, the original one with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha of my all time favorite movies.

I'm thinking of making something useful from my underwire castaways...any ideas?

And finally, if I start to miss my underwire, I can always get this necklace, by designer Jung Ee Eun.

Nah, I don't think I'll miss it THAT much!

Anything make you feel like a rebel this week? Or, maybe you just can't live without your underwire? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you have to say.


  1. SOOOO FUNNY!!! I LOVE THIS! I actually became anti-wire years ago! (LB has a really comfy non-wire bra that has been my holder of choice for years). By the way - did I ever tell you what Katie used to call my bra years ago (she was about 2 or 3)? Boobie Pants. Smart kid, huh? ;)
    Love this post!

  2. You REBEL! This is so funny...I can just see you cutting that hole and ripping out those nasty wires!

    Hmmmm, anything rebel-like this week for me? Well, I am wearing a DRESS to church today. I haven't worn a dress in like 10 years! I am a skirt kind of person. Dress's often make me feel frumpy...but I found this darling polka dot one and since I've lost weight I don't look too shabby!!:)

  3. That's just awesome! Thanks for the early morning laugh :)

    Swinging by from From Chaos Comes Happiness to say hello!

  4. Freedom shows up in SO many ways, eh??
    My rebellion this week? Taking charge of things at home to make sure they get done, instead of waiting for my S.O. to handle it!! CHARRRRGE!!!!!

  5. You go, girl!!!! Cut 'em all out, I say! Not sure what my rebellion this week will be... I'm like you - pretty much by the book gal. Gotta think on that one. Great post!!!