Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Sharing.....Log Your Memory Weekly Challenge: Siblings

So, I spend a lot of time over at Log Your Memory. Each week, there is a scrapbooking challenge to document something about your life. This week's theme was about siblings. I could have written about my kids as sibs or my own sibling....I chose to share my thoughts about my sister. I know she reads my blog (good sister!) and this assignment was a chance to finally document how I feel about her. So, meet my sister/best friend, Jeanne:

Here's the Journaling:

My sister is my best friend. She’s my go to person and I talk to her every day. Really. Every single day. It wasn’t always like this, though. She’s 4 years younger than me but you know how time seems to close the age gap when you get older? Well, now there’s really no telling who’s the older sister and who’s the younger one unless you look at our driver’s licenses! What I mean is there is no older sister/younger sister roles between us. We are just us. I think the time gap closed when we were both pregnant at the same time with our first borns – they were born a week apart. We both had the good fortune to stay home during those first couple years with Nick and Ana. Because I didn’t drive at the time, she became the “big” sister, helping me go everywhere I needed to be. We did our shopping together, doctor’s appointments, hung out and took care of our kids together. Fast forward 13 years to today. She’s still as vital to my daily happiness as she was back then. The difference is, we are both stronger women. We are both hard working moms, with teenagers. She opens her heart and her home to foster rescued dogs, while working a full time job. I do my scrapbook thing, and work full time. We support each other’s passions and wipe each other’s tears. We plan movie dates, and scrapbook together. We even have sleepovers just like the teenage girls we still feel like. Only, when I was a teenager, she was too young to really hang out with. I’m really thankful that we’ve maintained such a strong relationship for the past 30-some years. We are truly friends by birth.

And another, much different page I did featuring my sister and me:

Jeanne and Ana at Ana's Confirmation (Jeanne's both my kids' Godmother)

Just curious:
Are you close with your siblings? Has your relationship with them changed over time like mine has?


  1. More great pages!! I am an only child...I sure do wish I had a sister!!!

  2. I just realized that I was using my son's account to post comments!!! Just so you's like gamernewstv or something like that!


  3. How lovely was that?!! Thanks !!!

  4. Really great post, Cindi! And although I don't know the 'grown-up' Jeanne, I DO think she is pretty amazing. I, too, am blessed to have a sister who helps me at every turn in life. I think we are both pretty blessed, don't you? Really sweet sentiments and lovely post. You make me think about the important things, and I thank you for that!

  5. Beautiful! I have two sisters - life wasn't always grand among the three of us, but now that we're adults (supposedly! ha) I think we appreciate each other a lot more. Relationships are always changing, roles change, our abilities to accept and give change with each situation - just being there for each other is so important and knowing that I have a sister I can call is such a comfort. thanks for posting - all of us should be brave enough to talk emotions on the blog and let our loved ones know just how much we appreciate them!

  6. Beautiful post....think I need to run over to my sister's to give her a hug!!!

  7. That is beautiful - it's so nice to have a sister to be BFF's :) I am pretty close with mine but we are 14 years apart & have a lot of differences. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

  8. stopping by a day late for the friday tea party. i too am a sister who has her as my best friend. It's so fantastic having that relationship. i live in Cairo, Egypt right now and miss our daily chats and get togethers. but i'm trying to do a weekly internet call and will see her in august on my R & R--can't wait. love the idea of a day in the week to catch up on "just stuff..." great idea.