Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Weekend Agenda

Big weekend ahead -

  • Ana's graduating from 8th grade on Wednesday, June 2nd and due to travel schedules, we're having her party this weekend. Making some goodies for that with my nephew (who likes to cook)...
  • My niece and nephew are getting ready to spend a month in Arizona with their Grandma and it's my (self-appointed) job to make sure they have enough to read. Taking my nephew to The Frugal Muse today to get him some reading material ..... all my hardwork shoving books in his face since he was a baby has paid off and he's a "reader"! Yeah! His hardwork helping get ready for his cousins party will payoff with some summer reading - I'll let you know what he chooses!
  • I've got some much needed time off to recharge my batteries - the "work battery" (Memorial Day Weekend) and the "mom battery" since the kids will spend some much needed time with their globe-trotting father this weekend.
  • I've had the itch to paper scrap this week....I'll share some stuff soon. I have a book I've been working on for Ana about Real Beauty, that she will get later this week.....
  • Also, have a digital scrapbook Summer book in the works using some of the fun papers and elements creating by the awesome Jen C Designs, which I will get to share this weekend, too.
So, fun stuff for me....hope you have some fun things planned as well.  See you soon with some pics from our weekend!!!

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  1. What fun! How did the Frugal Muse adventure go? And Ana's party? (So sorry we couldn't be there!!!!) Miss you all so much!