Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ana!

Oh My! My baby girl is 14 today, and tomorrow is her first day of high school! I'm so proud of her - she's really come a long way in the last 2 years. This is for her:
The kit I used is the one she picked out called Candy Box by Miss Vivi. I won a gift certificate to her store by winning a chat game and let Ana choose.

The journaling: 
Happy 14th Birthday
 to my beautiful young lady.
I’m so proud of the woman you’re becoming.
You are the perfect blend of serenity and vibrance; of purpose and fun; of vintage and modern.
You know your style and you express it with every choice you make
Be true to your heart, and show them how it’s done.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Baby - Baby #1, that is. Although, as you know, she is no longer a baby! Love the post!

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to your baby - baby #1, that is. Although, as you know, she is no longer a baby. Love the post!

  3. Happy Birthday Ana! She is absolutely beautiful, Cindi, on the inside and out! I am blessed to have known her when she was a wee-little 4 year old and now, 10 years later. She was, and still is, and amazing girl. And I can only hope my daughters grow up to be as great as she!!! Be proud of yourself, dear friend - that's YOUR girl!!!

  4. Oh, Cindi...I believe this is my very favorite digi-page of all!! Love the journaling, too. Yep, I'd give this a 10 out of 10.
    And a very Happy (belated) Birthday to Ana. What a beautiful woman she is becoming!!