Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artistic Mother....Made my Poetry Journal

I finally completed the second project from the book - a poetry journal, only problem is, I'm not a poet. Some are going to argue that I need to follow the book, and I will. I'm just not as likely to share my bad poetry! I have a rather unpractical English degree, and have taken MANY poetry classes, but never been a poet. I do, however, like how my book turned out. I usually go for "happier" colors, but the blacks, creams, and reds made me think more "artsy" and "poetic".(And, that's a heart mirror on the bottom - didn't photograph too well)


  1. So so cool - I love the colors you went with (much more dramatic and I love that!) Really lovely!

  2. Your poetry journal is so cute.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  3. Love it, Cindi!! Would love to see it live and in person next time we get together!

  4. Cindi, this is so AWESOME!! I love this!!! I need to get to work on my poetry journal. Maybe I haven't yet because I'm not quite sure about actually writing the poetry:)

    Love the butterfly and the bird and the heart mirror and the COLORS!!

  5. Oh, this is so PRETTY! I agree...very poetic! Nice to find you in The Artistic Mother group!

  6. I love the colors. love that quote 'line in the moment', as moms we sure do get to do that a whole lot, don't we? I hope you get inspired to fill it up and use it. Mine is falling apart from use, time to make another!!