Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How Bob Newhart Saved My Sanity

In my house, the main family area has but one couch. Woe is me - my little house can only fit a single seating area in front of the TV. Usually, the whole gang piles on the couch - me, my guy, daughter, and son, with a cat squeezed in somewhere. If someone gets off the couch, you can bet Jack the dog will keep your seat warm until you get back and he resumes his place on the floor at your feet. This makes for oodles of togetherness, which is lovely....usually. But occasionally, I yearn to stretch out, by myself, on the couch.

I've just discovered a foolproof way to get the couch to myself. You may want to try this sometime. Here's how it goes....I put on The Bob Newhart Show. Yep, the one from the 70's, where Bob is a psychologist, and shares the office with Jerry the dentist!

Put this on and the children scatter. Couch=mine! I just hope my kids don't notice that Marcia Wallace (Carol the receptionist) is the voice of Spongebob's teacher, Mrs. Puff - they may come back!


  1. LOl! This is just too, too funny! We do the same at my house, too. My hubby and I love All in the Family!! It's like magic...*poof* no kids!!

    Love your new background, btw.