Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dippin' my toes in the water of Digital Scrapbooking, part 1

I've  been scrapbooking for close to 15 years. I'm exclusively a paper crafter, but this year, I've decided to stretch my scrapbooking skills a little further and give digital scrapbooking a try. Also, I stumbled on a website and couple of communities of digital scrapbookers that I really wanted to be a part of -- the first is and the other, the better know Two Peas in a Bucket.

I confess, I don't have the same warm fuzzies for the digital subset of this hobby, but I decided to give it a try because, it's quite possible I'm missing out on something great. But to be honest, I'm a paper crafter at heart, and I love the feel of the paper. This is what scrapbooking looks like to me:

However, as this corner of my house is proof, being a paper crafter takes up's my extremely haphazard scrapbook area:

At the very least, digital scrapbooking will be more organized and take less physical space. There are also tons of sites out there that offer free digital kits and elements along with the kits you pay for, which are usually the work of better known artists. Even so, they cost less than the physical supplies and are least I think so....all new to me....

So, I jumped in and started to follow a class at Two Peas in a Bucket called Digital 101, which posts a new tutorial on the 25th of every month. Class 1, a few days ago...and I made this piece of "art":

Digital Project #1
Don't get me wrong, the tutorial was very good, the instructor was very good, and even the feedback after I posted to the gallery was encouraging. I think my interpretation of it all was VERY LAME!

So, I tried some more, and hopefully, next month, I'll learn some new tricks. Here are my other attempts...


  1. I love it!!! I'm so envious of your scrapbooking ability. I don't have the patience nor the creative knack for it. With your awesome photo skills you have such an amazing gift. The kids are really lucky to have you chronicling their life in such a cool way.

  2. Absolutly GREAT! I love what you did - and am so completely proud of you (and a bit envious, too!) I have not had the courage to even look into digital scrapbooking. Maybe you can teach me?!

    Absolutely LOVE the last Ana and Matt page - just awesome!