Thursday, July 14, 2011

And the cat came back.....

 Fred Penner - The Cat Came Back
Gone for two weeks, then on the 4th of July, Melanie appeared at the door. I saw her first and then called upstairs to tell Matt she'd come back. He yelled for Ana, who was in the shower, and there was great excitment.
The Cat Came Back

Naturally, she read my blog post and was so moved that she found her way home. We theorized that she had been shut up in the house across the street for the 2 weeks since that house was being renovated and there were workers going in and out all day.
The Cat Came Back

Not a scratch on her. That was my biggest worry when I saw her. But no, she was in one piece, nothing wrong. She did run right to the food bowl and chow down.

The Cat Came Back!

Yep, the power of blogging is proven once I said, she must read this blog. Maybe I should write about other things that I've been missing, baseball card collection that was stolen by a boyfriend almost 20 years ago? Think that might bring those 1960s rare cards back? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Yippie! Welcome home Kitty Kitty! (I bet the kids were thrilled!) congrats!