Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And then there were 2

Once upon a time, a little girl was out in her yard cutting flowers and a cat appeared. The cat was a tabby with beautiful markings, but no collar, and she seemed a little confused.

She thought the little girl was her own, so she lay down on the ground near where the little girl was trimming back the peony bushes, and she stayed there all day.

Inside the house was a great big black dog,

but the cat didn't know that or she didn't care, because she seemed to just want to stay with the girl.

Even when the girl went into the house, the cat stayed. The girl would go outside and the cat would return, nuzzling into the little girl's arms.

The girl's mom was reluctant to like the cat, since she already had a big dog and 2 kids to care for, but then it started to rain.

The mom and girl hardened their hearts and went inside, leaving the cat outside where it belonged. That lasted for about 2 minutes. And then cat was part of their family for 4 years.

And soon joined by another cat, known as Dmitry.

And Melanie served her family well for her 4 years there- she stayed an inside cat for 3 years and got all chubby and comfy, but the lure of the outdoors was still strong. And so were the bunnies.

This spring, she presented  her family with 4 dead mice, 1 dead bird and 8 decapitated bunnies. And the mom cleaned up after her killing spree. Ewww.

And then, it was time for the first cat, now named Melanie, to move on.

And then there were 2.

And life goes on. Yes, I'm sad. Yes, the kids are sad, but we had 4 good years with her. And we all still hold hope that she'll wander back to our home someday, but we like to tell ourselves that she's found a new family with a little girl and boy who need a cat. We are optimists.

Bye Melanie - hope you are somewhere safe.


  1. sorry you have a nomad cat that broke your heart!! Lovin' the new blog look!!!
    Anonymously yours (thanks, Blogger),

  2. OK had a little tear up moment there, I hope she is somewhere safe as well, what a beautiful little tabby.