Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Little Word, 2011 edition....

So, it's time to finally share my word for 2011. Maybe I should have waited for December 31st, but I'm just too excited to wait. I've even started planning my year - you'll see why in a moment when you scroll down....

I've only told one person so far, and I have to confess, this choice was not difficult to make, but will be difficult to stick to. Just the thought of it this morning is making me a little nervous, but I think that's kind of a good thing.

This is important to me.

As I look down the road to my 40th birthday in 2011, I know I need this. This one little word will be the catalyst to peace of mind, of knowing what I have, what I can do, what I really need, and has the added benefit of helping me discover more time for the things I love.

It's become a very important word as I've recently discovered why I need it so badly.

The word is Organize. 

Simple. Concrete. Organize.

I've aspired to this word for many years, and while I'd never put myself in the category of slob, I do admit I have more than I need in my home at the moment. And I think the moment I started watching Hoarders to make sure I'm not one was a turning point in making this decision.

While I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder, I think in the past I've had a psychological need to keep things I no longer needed. It has to do with control just as much as any other weak spot in my otherwise solid life. And having enough "stuff" stems from the fears I had while in a long over relationship.

Well, that's done. I'm a strong enough person now to let go: Of the resentment that came from that relationship, of the stuff, the weight, the anger I've accumulated from that. Weight of things, of mind, of body.

I'm inviting "organize" to be my one little word - now that I know what it is I really need, it's time to cull the things I don't and organize the things I do - mind, body, home, financially, and in my soul.

So, it's funny and a little sad to me that when I went looking for all my books on organizing (of which I have many, many), I couldn't find them. But I will.


For my journey of organize this coming year, I'll be looking to my gurus: Peter Walsh, Regina Leeds, and Marcia Ramsland, not only because I know where their books are in my house (LOL), but because I really like them. And then Dave Ramsey is going to be helping me get my finances in order. I don't intend to turn this into an organization blog, though, but I'll check in with my progress. I hope to feel lighter, freer, and have more time as the year rolls on.

Out with the old..... and don't bring in too much new!  Here's to the year of the black garbage bag! (I'm going to have to get to know my garbage man/sanitation engineer by name!)

That's it for now. Thanks for letting me share my word with you. I hope you'll do the same.

Please leave a comment with your word and a link to you blog (if you have one) where you shared your word.

I wish you much success this year!


  1. YEAAAA!!! What a great word!!!
    Here's to a year of FOCUSing on BEing ORGANIZEd!! ;)
    I'm so excited for you!!

  2. CE -- "Organize" is a great word! And if you are half as successful with this word as you were with your word for 2010, well, all I can say is: watch out girl!!!

  3. Love it!! I need to organize, too. I just posted my word for the year!! http://wordsofmeproject.blogspot.com/

  4. Really great word, Cindi! I think I will gain so much from you and PK as you both help me head towards this path of simplify and organization! GREAT WORD and look forward to a great year! (Thanks for linking up to my linky! Love ya!)