Sunday, November 14, 2010

Inches of Gratitude

I know....I'm neglecting this blog right now. I'm getting my December projects ready, working 2 jobs, and being a mom....but I did have time to put this together for an Altered Artspirations challenge at I needed to fill a 25 square template with things I'm grateful for. Here's my entry:

Can you say COLORFUL

(And in case you are wondering where my beloved is...since he doesn't allow himself to be photographed...really....well, you see, he's the key.)


  1. My eyes are filling up with tears, dear Cindi, to see the things that you are grateful for.

    What a wonderful collage of wonderful things.

    And to see the 4 of us (the cellar girls) in the mix, deep breath, JOY. I am so blessed to have you in my life (again and again and again) and am so glad for our cellar days. Love this post (and the blog is looking WONDERFUL dear! LOVE the header and all that you are doing with this!!)

    Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks (any time to get together before w/the kids? Let me know.)

  2. Oh CE -- I love this!!!! I would like to do this similar thing with one of those wood picture box thingies. Oh, and I am equally honored that you've included the Scrapbook Cellar chicks on this! I, too, am so grateful for the Cellar gatherings with you, LW & PK.

  3. So beautiful!! One of the best collages I've ever seen!! Looking forward to our December Cellar Date!!

  4. I am glad to read a post from you. I have checked in a few times...figured you were busy!!

    I always am inspired by your work. The love you have for your family always shines through:)