Sunday, November 21, 2010


Starting off a week of Grateful posts, here's a page I did with a new digital kit called Thank You Notes, by Laura Banasiak and SpinkyDink Scraps.

The lyrics are from the song, Grateful, by John Bucchino, which I shared last year at this time. The parents are mine. And they are awesome - you may never meet a kinder, more supportive duo. Still married after 41 years, and still friends (which is really rare, I think), they still have fun together, traveling throughout the country (they are road trippers, and can often be heard arguing with their GPS, whom they've named, Gidget), spending time with their grandkids, and always opening their home for friends and family. I think I'm most grateful for the fact that they have kept our family close. To my parents, family is most important, and so it is with me, as well.

Thanks guys!


  1. CE - I love the photos of your folks!!! Absolutely terrific! And I agree - family is most important.

  2. Cind - so beautiful. I have tears in my eyes as I read this one. Yep, you have a great set of parents in your Mom and Dad, and you & Jeanne are a true tribute to what their greatness has brought to the world!

    Love this thankful post - and can't wait to see you next weekend!!!!! :) :) :)