Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some new pages...checking in

Haven't been here in a while ... still painting  .. all of us are healthy and still wishing for the warm weather to stay a bit longer. We had 2 teaser days in the 90s last week and we are back to the 40s again! Oh May, you are such a tease!

I'm taking a lot less photos than in previous years. Or, maybe it just seems like that since I now have 4 devices to take photos: my iPod Touch, my phone, and 2 cameras.

How about a page of my beautiful girl....
An experiment with Photoshop
Art Journal Caravan page on the word TRY

Art Journal Caravan page on the word UNDERSTAND


  1. These are so wonderful! You are inspiring me....

  2. Beautiful pages!! Are these all digi?