Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collage Paintings

I've been plugging away on one of the 21 Secrets classes: Collage, Paint and Soul taught by Tamara Laporte of Willowing.ning.  Here are a few things I've made so far. I can't take any really good photos though...

Became this...


  1. Hello Cindi,

    I'm Shwe Thiri Khit. I really love your art and the girls are very pretty and sweet. I would like to personally invite you to my art network “Shwe’s Sweet Pieces & Sweet People” I believe your works are suitable and you can expend your creative ideas through the network. The purpose of the network is to create synergy between art lovers, art makers and artists. Special attention is given to digital paintings, traditional paintings (pencil, watercolour, oil, mixed media), illustrations and last but not the least – crafts. Workshops will be arranged to stimulate creativity amongst the members.

    Art classes (some free, some for a small fee) will be conducted on ‘Digital Art, mixed media, doll and crafts’. All members will benefit from free tutorials, stock photos contributed by myself and fellow members of the network. That’s not all other exciting activities such as artwork swap, monthly art challenge and other activities beneficial to members will be organised. I promise! It’ll be a great place to meet likeminded people and a chance to grow your network and promote your artworks and style.

    I hope you are excited.. If you wish to take my art classes, that’s great. Joining my network is independent of taking any classes. PLUS you are always welcome to join my network for free. Membership will remain free also – so I look forward to welcoming you to the network.


  2. i love how expressive the eyes are in the first collage! seems like you keep the pages bound in a book. that's neat!

    somehow the arms/hands remind me of my sketch last week. i went back and forth between my girl holding a heart in her hands and holding a letter.