Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Smell Like Coffee Today

Source unknown: Found on tumblr

The first time, I thought it was just the coffee on the rim of the cup.

The second time, it was because I thought it was just on the rim of the recycled McDonald's cup and took another sip (coffee from home, in a McDonald's cup-I thought I could trick myself into thinking it was "not from home" coffee - the joke was on me).

The third time I spilled, was just dumb - I forgot about to first 2 spills and wanted another sip on my way to work.

THE FOURTH TIME was REALLY dumb! With full knowledge that my cheap McDonald's coffee cup had been compromised and that the lid was CRACKED, and now out of my car and on my way into work where I knew I had a nice Starbucks mug on my desk into which I could decant my now cold coffee, I took another sip. And now my purple sweater smells of coffee.

And I will smell of coffee all day.
And there are worse things, I guess.
And have a good day. Whatever you smell like.


  1. Perhaps you have found the answer to being truly popular at work now.

  2. I'm LAUGHING out loud this morning . . . thanks to you and your coffee mishaps. Yes, there are definitely worse things to smell like. So funny . . .

  3. I'm thinking Betty hit on something. That'll be my perfume du jour tomorrow...a little behind the ears, a little in the cleavage!!!!

    "Why, Peggy, you are just so fun to hang around with!" I can hear it now!!